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Are There Creative Benefits to Having a Pet?

Gleaning insights from working artists on how their pets impact and encourage them in their art-making, both for inspiration and professional development. A look at how having a pet can both inspire your creative process and also make for a better work environment.

Walk the Talk for Your Pet: How Artists Make a Difference

A look at arts initiatives that rescue animals and preserve and protect pets, such as Cause for Paws and other rescue agencies. A deep dive into the work of artists & creatives who donate their time and resources toward the work done by no-kill animal shelters, rescue groups and more.

Art School Confidential: Preparing for (Post) Graduation

You’ve spent years studying and preparing and you’re finally ready to graduate with a degree in the arts- or are you? Take a look at these prep tips before the graduation ceremony to make sure you’re not forgetting something important!