Artrepreneur Creative Careers Podcast
Artrepreneur Creative Careers Podcast
Martin Wittfooth: Art fairs, animals, & album covers
Martin Wittfooth: Art fairs, animals, & album covers | Art Business Journal

Martin Wittfooth, an acclaimed painter, discusses with Artrepreneur curator, Matthew Rota, his artistic journey, album covers, the discovery of his love of oil painting, and the logistics of gallery shows and art fairs.  Wittfooth’s oil paintings explore disquieting themes of “industry and nature, unhinged evolution, and the clash of old ideologies with modern fears”, and have appeared in numerous publications such as New American Paintings, Hi-Fructose, and American Artist.

View Martin Wittfooth’s Artrepreneur profile here.




Anastassia is a proud member of the Artrepreneur team and a jack-of-all-trades type artist. Working primarily in the theatrical world as a director, scenic painter, and electrician, in her personal time she restores furniture and works on her wood-craft.

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