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Global Creativity is Limitless in This Club

Global Creativity is Limitless in This Club
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As the CEO of The One Club For Creativity, Kevin Swanepoel has led the nonprofit’s mission to support and celebrate the success of the global creative community for over 20 years. Believing that nothing impacts culture or commerce like creativity, One Club gives back to the creative community through four program pillars: education, inclusion and diversity, professional development and gender equality.

Born in South Africa, Swanepoel is based in New York City and travels to 14 countries annually. Throughout this career in advertising and design, he’s looked for opportunities to constantly learn and push the boundaries because, as he says, “Being creative doesn’t need to be that you just take an airbrush or marker or illustrate something.  Being creative is also thinking about where you see opportunity.” Prior to his position at One Club, Kevin was a Publishing, Entertainment & New Media Manager at Apple and was the founder and creative director for his own agency.

In this podcast, Grace Cho, Founder and CEO of Artrepreneur, talked with Kevin to learn more about how he navigated his early career, how the industry is changing, and how he is cultivating the next generation of global creative talent.  “The different areas of design and advertising as a career have expanded incredibly today,” he explains. “You could be a designer and go into experiential design, UX design, social media, sound design or gaming design. These things did not exist 10 years ago.” Find out how the industry is moving forward and what you can do to have a limitless creative career.

Featured image: New York designer and Young Guns 2008 award winner Rich Tu collaborated with Nike in the name of immigrants. The award program is an annual portfolio competition for creative professions age 30 and under.

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Grace Cho

Grace Cho is the Founder and CEO of Artrepreneur by Orangenius. She has an artist heart and business mind. With over 25 years of experience in the financial services, media, entertainment, and private equity industries, she has transformed global business units at GE Capital, NBCU, and Nielsen.

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