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Nourish Yourself and Your Creativity with Jeanette Bronée

jeanette bronee
TedX speaker, culture coach, author and CEO/Founder of Path for Life Inc. Jeanette Bronée is on a mission to make self-care the foundation for how we perform–at work, in the studio, at home, and on-the-go.  Defying the myth of burning the candle at both sends held by many creatives, she works with clients using her Path for Life Method, which integrates three ingredients to create sustainable change in the way we eat, perform and thrive every day: Food-Knowledge, Mindfulness, and Habit-Shifting.
Bronée’s shift to this mindset stems from her own experience. Like many of our Creative Careers podcast guests, Bronée felt lost in her life and career in her late twenties, unsure how she could move forward in a way that mattered to her. When cancer took the lives of her parents and threatened hers, she realized she wanted to be part of the change that needed to happen in how we take care of ourselves–at work, at home, and on the go. It was this experience that made her realize it’s good to keep asking the “big” questions in life; to keep looking for how to continue to grow.
In this podcast, Jeanette talks about her path to being a creative entrepreneur and how she works with others to instill a foundation of self-care. Through her insights and advice, you’ll learn how to nourish yourself and how to make sure you remain Creative Project #1.
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