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For Dian Holton, the Answer is “All of the Above”

For Dian Holton, the Answer is "All of the Above"  |  Art Business Journal

For Dian Holton, the Answer is “All of the Above”
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Dian Holton‘s creativity knows no limits. Nor should it. She exemplifies the modern day “hybrid”, “portfolio” or “slasher” career, being one of over 53 million people doing freelance work in the United States.  With a combination of part-time employment, temporary work, freelance gigs, or a side hustle. her “job title” is fluid; her occupation is a myriad of professions.
Based in Washington DC, Dian is an Art Director/Fashion Enthusiast/Pop Culture + Style Junkie/American Institute of Graphic Arts Washington DC Mentoring + Design Continuum Scholarship Fund Director/AIGA Diversity & Inclusion Task Force Committee member/Footwear Designer/Visual Display Associate. Dian has worked with brands such as The Gap, Nike, and AARP, and Hewlett Packard. She started Daily Digits, an Instagram series where she fashions numbers out of found objects. Dian was named a Graphic Design USA “Person to Watch” in 2016 and has earned many other awards (which would entail much more slashing).
In this podcast, Dian talks about what it’s like to have so many different creative outlets. She describes what makes a collaborative leadership style, what she looks for when deciding on potential projects, and the importance of mentorship at every stage of a creative’s career.

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Jenifer Simon

Jenifer Simon's mantra is 'Art Always in All Ways." She is Artrepreneur's Director of Business and Content Development and editor of Art Business Journal. She's dedicated her career to helping artists sustain their creative careers and holds an M.A. in Arts Administration from Columbia University and B.S. in Studio Art and Art History from Skidmore College.

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