Artrepreneur Creative Careers Podcast
Artrepreneur Creative Careers Podcast
Angela Yungk Turns the Page with Art Hive Magazine
Angela Yungk Turns the Page with Art Hive Magazine | Art Business Journal

Aspiring actress Angela Yungk came to a point early in her career that many creatives can relate to. You’re not happy with what you’re doing, you want to be creative and make money, but you don’t have a solid idea or direction.
That’s what happened to Angela and her friend, Jessie Prugh, when they both found themselves searching for the right mix of creative endeavor and business opportunity. They decided to band together and brainstormed until the idea of a magazine came to the surface. Today, she and Prugh are the co-founders of Art Hive Magazine and co-hosts of the “Hello Creatives!” podcast.  The magazine focuses on arts, culture and entertainment and features diverse trends around the world, interviews with creatives and celebrities and issues around sustainability and entrepreneurship. If you’re looking for an inspiring story about not giving up hope and turning to others to help you along they way, listen to Angela.


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