Artrepreneur Creative Careers Podcast
Artrepreneur Creative Careers Podcast
Artist Amy Paraskeva is Writing Her Own Story
Artist Amy Paraskeva is Writing Her Own Story | Art Business Journal

A multi-talented visual artist with a creative writing background, New Jersey’s Amy Paraskeva wants viewers to generate their own stories when they view her work. With Amy’s distinct, minimal, and impactful style, she was a Creative Career Center Ad Open Call Winner for Artrepreneur, online destination for creatives to find jobs, manage their own business or freelance careers, and get tips on how to succeed. Her bold, bright and modern images were chose to represent the campaign tagline “Artrepreneurs Start Here.”

Amy describes herself as “innovative, self-motivated, highly creative and what I lack in good jokes I make up in dorkiness.” Artrepreneur’s Creative Careers Podcast interviewer Brian Young spoke to Amy about the event that inspired her to transition from writing to visual art, her thoughts on creative entrepreneurship, and what she wants her art to say. Follow Amy @paraskeva.

Kate Flanagan
Kate Flanagan

Kate Flanagan is a North Carolina native living in New York. When not serving as VP of Marketing for Artrepreneur, Kate is interested in interior design, visiting art galleries and museums, and watching bad reality tv.

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