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Art and Wine Pair Perfectly for Rafe D’Amico

Art and Wine Pair Perfectly for Rafe D’Amico
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Wine and art are two passions for Rafe D’Amico, who works full-time at Cumulus Media. So, in 2013, it made perfect sense for him to marry the two by founding Ozymandias Wines, a true passion project that helps raise funds for emerging artists by selling wine with artist-designed labels. D’Amico, who serves as President, and his predominantly volunteer staff use the bulk of the proceeds from wine sales to fund art projects and support the Ozymandias Wines Scholarship at the New York Academy of Art (NYAA).
In this podcast, Rafe talks about his two passions and why they are such an important part of his mission.

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Kate Flanagan is a North Carolina native living in New York. When not serving as VP of Marketing for Artrepreneur, Kate is interested in interior design, visiting art galleries and museums, and watching bad reality tv.

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