Pet Muses: Famous Animals Inspiring Creative Parents

No pet peeves here! Artists and creative icons often draw inspiration from a surprising source: their own pet muses! Pampered pets frequently appear in popular culture, as many world leaders and C-level executives are known to be inseparable from their furry family. Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits – you name it, and some of the most inspiring creative icons have held them close to their hearts. Just ask 20th-century dance and cultural icon Josephine Baker, whose pet retinue was rumored to include both a chimpanzee and a cheetah!

From exotic pet muses to a family comprised of a specific pet breed, figures across the art world have held their furbabies close to their hearts both by featuring them as the subjects of their work, or being inspired to work on side projects that put their furry family front and center! Below, we survey the stunning contemporary pets that are leading the pack!

Pet Muses and Contemporary Culture

Pet Muses Create a Lifetime of Inspiration

A clothing line. Nearly 300,000 followers across social media. A memoir. These might describe a social media “influencer” of emerging design star – but these accomplishments also apply to Choupette, the darling feline muse of the late, great Karl Lagerfeld. The fashion icon was publicly enamored of his furry companion, whose image inspired countless spin-off fashion lines, toys, and other household items. An icon in her own right, Choupette’s image is renowned and yet her role as Lagerfeld’s muse, and now heiress, has spurred another phase of her life: Philanthropist. In the wake of her owner’s untimely passing, Choupette has partnered with an animal rescue society to donate proceeds of sales to ensure that other furry friends find homes of their own. Talk about inspiring!

Choupette may have created a name for herself as a jet-set fashion icon, but she’s hardly alone in the field of pets inspiring their world-renowned owners. Iconic actress, performer and philanthropist Bette Midler celebrates the furry friends in her lives in many ways, including inspiring others to act on behalf of humane animal treatment! From her iconic, former canine companion Queen Puddles to her current labrador, Spinee, Midler goes above and beyond to make her furry family a part of her warm, loving home – and to ensure other dogs receive the same treatment!

Midler was instrumental in Fall of 2018 at bringing an end to greyhound racing in the state of Florida through dedicated online efforts combatting the practice. One of her tweets sums up her attitude to preserving a humane, caring way of life for canines everywhere. ” If you care about dogs, vote YES on Amendment 13, to end the inhumane enterprise of greyhound racing,” she noted on her twitter feed.

Artistic Inspiration from Furry Friends

Pet Muses: Famous Animals Inspiring Creative Parents 1
Furry Friends Posing for a Portrait!

While some artists allow their pets to inspire them toward new initiatives and endeavors, many creative icons bring pet muses directly into their artistic practice. One such artist, William Wegman, was inspired by his Weimaraner pup “Man Ray” after reaching significant acclaim as an artist. He began depicting his pup in his professional artistic practice, and went on to artistic stardom by featuring his doggos Man Ray and, later, Fay Ray in several works that span his impressive oeuvre. In 1982, Man Ray’s final year with Wegman, the influential Village Voice bestowed Man Ray the honor of being “Man of the Year”. Wegman has even been inspired to incorporate his pups into other outlets of creative expression, including children’s books. While Wegman continues to paint and create art around other subjects, his collectors adore his Weimaraner artworks, which continue to sell for  several thousands of dollars.

While many artists are inspired by their feline and canine cuties, Hunt Slonem has his eye on flights of fancy. The renowned artist, known for years on the international art scene, keeps a menagerie of feathered companions who appear in repetitive rhythms throughout his paintings. His personal aviary, located in his art studio for frequent study, features a range of exotic birds and serves as a constant inspiration for the artist whose eye focuses on soaring color and composition. Slonem doesn’t stop with his macaw muses: the artist is also known for his repetitive paintings of bunnies, which adorn walls worldwide. His works capture a fleeting glimpse of his beloved pets, painting the impressions of a bird opening their wings or commiserating with their nearby neighbor across the canvas. His various accolades, international commissions and paintings reflect his fascination with these enduring images of bunnies and birds.

Pets play an important role in sustaining artists and creatives, both in their artistic practice and personal lives. We rely on our furry family as we build lasting relationships with them and provide them with nurturing, caring homes. Some pet icons even get lavish digs, flights on private jets, and the finest of accessories. Whether our furbabies get star treatment at the finest spas or plenty of cuddles and treats, you can be sure that as long as artists are creating work, they will continue to find a place in contemporary cultures for years to come. From design inspiration to animal rights pioneers, creative pet muses work wonders in ensuring that our fur family has a place in our hearts… furever.

Has your artistic practice been inspired by furry family of your own? Know of artists we missed whose practices shines a light on their pet muses? Share your knowledge in the comments below!

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Audra Lambert is a curator, arts marketing consultant, and editor based in Sunnyside, Queens, where her Chi-Spaniel puppy graciously allows her to cohabit.

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