Getting a Gig: Websites

An artist website should function as the central hub of your career. Make the best of this online portfolio by reading tips from illustrator, Matt Rota.

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How To Spot The Scam

How To Spot The Scam

In today’s age, artists are required to be social media savvy. Learn how to keep your guard up and know when you’re being scammed into a faulty sale.

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Copyright for Architectural Designs

Copyright for Architectural Designs

It is a common misperception that you cannot copyright a building design. That is probably because, before 1990, there wasn’t much protection for building designs. At that time, anyone could reproduce buildings that looked identical to those created by others, as long...

Need a Trademark?  Here are some tips.

Need a Trademark? Here are some tips.

Picking a name for a business or product is one of the first steps for any new venture. However, many companies don't register their trademarks during the start-up phase, usually waiting until a later time when sufficient cash is available if registered at all. That...