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grant writing

Effective Grant Writing for Emerging Artists

Artists seeking creative opportunities and funding to continue their work can improve their grant writing skills. Learn how to be present your project or proposal with these tips.

Creative art licensing

How Do I License My Creative Design?

Licensing a creative design can provide additional income, exposure and partnership opportunities. Here we review what licensing is, how to do it, and what do consider.

emerging artists art fairs

Should Emerging Artists Sell Their Work at Art Fairs?

Art fairs are increasing, and so are the opportunities for emerging independent artists to participate. Find out what questions you should ask and the pro's and con's of exhibiting at an art fair to make an informed decision.

David Yager Creativity

Can Creativity Can Be Taught?

UArts President David Yager weighs in on whether creativity can be taught as companies look for candidates who are have this quality.