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Ten Creative Internships for Aspiring Designers

As an art student, having a creative internship will help you build the foundation you need for a career in the art world. Whether you search for creative internships that are paid, unpaid, for credit, or not for credit, an internship experience is invaluable. Interning in college is an opportunity to explore different career options, build your creative resume, become a master of time management, and improve your chances as a job applicant. Finding work in the art world is extremely competitive, so having real world experiences where you can directly interact and network with creative professionals will help put your foot in the door.

To help narrow down your search for an internship, we’ve researched the best creative internship programs for art students focused on specific fields. Whether you’re interested in design or web development, these are some of the most coveted – and most rewarding – creative internships out there.

Creative Internships in Graphic and UX Design


As one of the largest software companies in the world, Adobe is a dream job for the art student searching for graphic design internships. Interns receive overwhelming benefits, including competitive salaries, holiday pay, social events, community service opportunities, employee discounts on Adobe products, and numerous networking experiences. Adobe typically recruits interns at career fairs at colleges across the country – be sure to check out their recruiting calendar to determine when they might be in your area and make sure you’re prepared with a detailed resume and outline of your career goals.

Walt Disney

Landing one of Walt Disney’s graphic design internships is the perfect way to combine your creativity with a love for the entertainment industry and all things Disney. Students who are hired for these positions have a number of responsibilities, including developing mobile apps and games for children, working on animation projects for use in product development, and creating miscellaneous content for the company’s digital networks. To apply, you’ll need to submit your transcripts, along with an online portfolio showcasing some of your best work. Based in California, the internship is open to advertising and design students.


Working for Marvel is a dream come true for graphic designers who have a strong comic-loving and superhero-worshipping streak. Interns work in both New York and California and in all of Marvel’s entertainment segments, including comics, movies, and television shows. To apply for these paid creative internships, you must be enrolled in at least one university course, and have the flexibility to be able to maintain a steady work schedule. Marvel interns receive college credit along with a stipend for their work, so you’ll definitely want to check this creative internship opportunity out if you want to gain real world experience and forgo the typical summer job.

graphic design internships
An internship at Moment is an opportunity to gain some highly creative portfolio entries.


The perfectionist, detail-oriented, and highly creative art student should consider applying for graphic design internships at Moment. The company’s clients include widely recognized names such as ESPN, Walt Disney, Bloomberg, and American Express, and interns are tasked with the creation of beautiful, functional design projects for use across multiple platforms. Applicants should be able to articulate their ideas clearly, have knowledge of working technologies such as HTML and CSS, and be working toward a degree in graphic design. In addition, you’ll want to showcase your expertise in a well-crafted portfolio, and possess an understanding of the end-to-end design process. Moment accepts applications on a rolling basis for each semester, and applications typically open about a month before the internship is set to begin.


Working at Hershey is ideal for intern candidates who have a desire to work in the entertainment or hospitality industry. Hershey graphic design interns collaborate with the creative services department to create graphics and multimedia presentations related to seasonal events, photo shoots, and commercial shoots. Interns also design content for use in advertisements, brochures, billboards, and miscellaneous marketing materials. Graphic design internship applications typically open about six months before they’re set to begin, so if you’re dreaming of a candy-coated summer, make sure you keep a lookout.


Most web developers and graphic designers would love the chance to get IT experience at Facebook, a company that literally revolutionized online marketing as we know it. Interns within the Design and User Experience department take on a variety of roles and responsibilities, which could include incorporating research and insights into product cycles, running statistical analyses, and working to improve the customer experience. Of course, the world’s largest human data center already knows quite a bit about you, so be sure to think outside the box on how you present your experience and skill set.

CBS Corporation

Working in sports graphics at CBS is perfect for students who are creative and love design but also have an interest in sports and the news. Students must have an artistic imagination and be able to work with interactive production teams and graphic artists to guide multimedia projects from start to finish. By working with CBS, students will find that their work reaches millions of people each week. CBS graphic design internships are paid part-time gigs, and you be receiving college credit for the work. To apply, you’ll need to submit a resume and cover letter.


If you dream of working with MTV in destinations like Nashville, New York, and Miami, then you may want to apply for the creative internships available at Viacom. Interns at Viacom can work in several different creative areas. Off-air creative design interns work with the visual communications department to handle print materials and advertising campaigns, on-air graphics interns work with designers and animators to prepare graphics for on-air broadcasting, and digital design interns use a variety of software programs to craft images for web publication. Interns should be available for a minimum of 10 weeks and must commit to working at least two days per week. Most Viacom internships are looking to hire more experienced interns, so be sure to have a detailed resume and creative portfolio on hand.

creative internships
Choose a company that’s best aligned with where you’d like to see your career flourish.


Understandably, computer science and graphic design students often want to intern at Apple. Apple remains at the forefront of computer technology and is easily one of the most coveted creative internships available to modern students. The company designs interactive graphics and user interfaces for some of the most popular high-tech gadgets in the country, and students accepted into the company’s internship/co-op program work on critical projects such as designing new iPads, developing the next generation Mac operating system, and manufacturing and marketing new products. To apply, students should be enrolled in a university design program, and in addition, should have previous internship experience.


Multimedia interns at Xerox are responsible for developing web-based learning solutions at one of the world’s premier companies for document management and business processes. Interns are responsible for creating interactive content, producing multimedia artifacts by incorporating their aesthetic vision and integrating animation and graphics into a variety of content. Students should be knowledgeable about a variety of computer and graphic editing programs and have experience with web development. Interns should possess at least a 3.0 college GPA; Xerox creative internships are especially coveted because there are opportunities for employment across the United States.


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