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How to Network in Artist Communities | Art Business Journal

How to Network in Artist Communities

Artist communities help you build support, collaboration and connections. These tips for networking will help you reach your highest potential and give back.

How to Host a Successful Artist Studio Visit | Art Business Journal

How to Host a Successful Artist Studio Visit

Do you have an upcoming artist studio visit? Learn the do’s and don’ts to prepare for success, whether you're expecting a gallerist, curator, art dealer, critic, or other professional.

artist studio

The Practical Guide to Finding a Subsidized Artist Studio

Affordable artist studios can be hard to find, but they are out there. From partnering with nonprofits to sharing studio spaces and dedicated artist studio buildings, we'll cover how to find an affordable studio space.

Next Steps After Graduation for Artists and Creatives | Art Business Journal

Next Steps After Graduation for Artists and Creatives

Graduation is upon us - what next? Post-grad tips on setting yourself up for professional success, including suggestions on building out your networks and career ecosystem, finding advocates and mentors, and placing yourself firmly within the fine art landscape to apply for and receive job opportunities that will advance your career as an artist and creative professional.

artist residency

The Benefits of an Artist Residency

An artist residency is an opportunity to concentrate on your work in a retreat-like environment. From getting your creative juices flowing to expanding your network, honing your skills and enhancing your career prospects, here are tips to maximize your next artist residency.

depression and creativity

How to Deal with Depression as an Artist

Because depression and creativity are linked, ups and downs of being an artist can hit some harder than others. In this article, learn some important self-care strategies you can use to get you through the gray.

The Pros and Cons of Sharing an Art Studio | Art Business Journal

The Pros and Cons of Sharing an Art Studio

It can be challenging to find an affordable art studio. Having a studio-mate and sharing space is a great way to build an artist network and cultivate new opportunities.

studio assistant

Is it Worth It? Tips for Hiring a Studio Assistant

In a new monthly column for Artrepreneur, art curator and critic Audra Lambert answers the most frequent questions she receives from independent artists. This month, she answers questions about studio assistants.

The 11 Best Podcasts for Artists | Art Business Journal

The 11 Best Podcasts for Artists

If you’re bent on driving more innovation and strategy to your practice but your visual mind needs a break, consider adding some podcasts for artists to your daily task list instead.

art collective

The Advantages of Joining an Artist Collective

An artist collective functions as a platform for its members and can bring increased exposure for individual artists. Artrepreneur investigates the benefits of forming your own.

studio spaces

5 Tips to Find Your New Art Studio

Searching for an art studio requires research, prioritization, and patience. Here are the factors you should consider before calling your new studio, home.

marc zegans

Strategies for Artists from a Creative Career Coach

Marc Zegans is a creative career coach who works with artists and designers to help guide their artistic and business goals. Here, he shares his approach for developing your practice as a working artist.

artist residency

8 Artist in Residence Programs to Jumpstart Your Career

Artist in residence programs are an excellent way to work on your craft, meet a community of artists and launch your career. Focus on your creative discovery at these eight selected programs from across the country.