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Everything you need to know to run your artistic practice or business.

artist mentor

Artist Mentors Can Help Guide Your Creative Career

Many of the world's most recognized artists sought inspiration and guidance from their peers. Gain insight into your practice and learn about the business of art by finding an artist mentor whose career aligns with your own vision for success.

artist proposal

The Essential Paperwork Behind Your Art Business

Paperwork and administrative tasks are not a creative's favorite thing to do. But they are important to run and protect your business. Here we the various documents needed to get your art business on up and running and operating smoothly.

marc zegans

Strategies for Artists from a Creative Career Coach

Marc Zegans is a creative career coach who works with artists and designers to help guide their artistic and business goals. Here, he shares his approach for developing your practice as a working artist.

business plans for creatives

Art Business Plans for Creatives

While business plans have the same components no matter what field or industry you're in, it can be difficult for creatives to understand and there are few examples of business plans for creatives online. This article walks you through the components of a business plan and the importance of having one.

artist residency

8 Artist in Residence Programs to Jumpstart Your Career

Artist in residence programs are an excellent way to work on your craft, meet a community of artists and launch your career. Focus on your creative discovery at these eight selected programs from across the country.