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What you need to know to protect your business and safeguard your work.

Creative art licensing

How Do I License My Creative Design?

Licensing a creative design can provide you with additional income, branding and partnership opportunities. Here we review what licensing is, how to do it, and what to consider.

artist contract

What You Need to Know About Artist Contracts

Wait, stop! Don't sign that artist contract before you read this article. Familiarizing yourself with contracts is an important part of protecting you, your business, and your work.

Creative Freelancer Protect Business

Protect Your Creative Business by Incorporating

Most artists and designers don't think of starting a creative business when freelancing. In order to protect you and your personal assets, it's important to set up a structure Here are the options for incorporating.

estate tax

How An Estate Tax Repeal Might Affect the Art World

A GOP repeal of the estate tax could produce a chilling effect on art museum donations while creating a bump in the art market. Here's why private art collectors may be less inclined to donate art.

Making Sense of An Artist Contract  |  Art Business Journal

Making Sense of An Artist Contract

Whether you are a painter doing a commission or a musician hired for a performance, your artist engagement contract will determine the role of each party involved. Get to know the standard terms to look out for when signing an artist contract.