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From where to sell your art to how to sell it and at what price, find strategies that capitalize on the value of your work.

Live and In Person: A Complete Guide to Selling Art Face to Face  |  Art Business Journal

Live and In Person: A Complete Guide to Selling Art Face to Face

Selling art in person is different than selling your work online. Whether you're at an art or craft fair, store, or pop-up gallery, it's time to turn from artist/maker to seller. Here is a thorough guide on how to reduce barriers and build rapport with customers to close the sale.

artist pop up gallery

A Creative’s Guide to Planning a Pop-Up Gallery or Shop

Pop-up galleries and shops have become popular vehicles to engage customers and earn money as a creative. You can forgo investing in a physical space and applying to shows. But before you create your pop-up, learn how to plan strategically with these essential tips.

sell your art online artist

Where to Sell Your Art Online

Opportunities abound to sell your art online. We discuss the pros and cons of selling on your own personal store vs. online art marketplaces.

artist statement

The Ultimate Guide to Writing an Artist Statement

An artist statement is a short but impactful description that gives readers essential information about you as an artist. When you’re not present to talk about your work in person, your artist statement is your spokesperson. Here's how to get your voice to be heard.

How to Host a Successful Artist Studio Visit  |  Art Business Journal

How to Host a Successful Artist Studio Visit

Do you have an upcoming artist studio visit? Learn the do’s and don’ts to prepare for success, whether you're expecting a gallerist, curator, art dealer, critic, or other professional.


Teaching Artists and Designers to be Creative Entrepreneurs

Today’s artists are self-employed, launching their own brands and businesses and becomingcr creative entrepreneurs. Schools offering art and design degrees need to include entrepreneurship courses as part of their curriculum to prepare students to be successful.

emerging artists art fairs

Should Emerging Artists Sell Their Work at Art Fairs?

Art fairs are increasing, and so are the opportunities for emerging independent artists to participate. Find out what questions you should ask and the pro's and con's of exhibiting at an art fair to make an informed decision.

artist website

Must-Do’s for Creating Your Artist Website

Many artist websites fail to capture their audience. Follow these simple tips for creating visually stunning sites that include all the necessary information that will engage others.

art fair

Is The End of the Art Fair in Sight?

Is the art fair model dead? The advent of online art sales and the high cost of participation has the art world wondering whether more fairs equals more problems.

negotiation strategies

Should I Negotiate the Price of My Artwork?

What do you do when your artwork quote or freelance rates aren't automatically accepted by a potential client? Our negotiation strategies will help artists and creatives sort out a tricky financial agreement.

art collection

Shaping an Art Collection with a Purpose

We take a look at how art collectors can build a dynamic art collection with a mission and purpose to collect contemporary artists, identify social engaged themes, and support underserved or represented artists.

Creative art licensing

How Do I License My Creative Design?

Licensing a creative design can provide additional income, exposure and partnership opportunities. Here we review what licensing is, how to do it, and what do consider.

The 11 Best Podcasts for Artists  |  Art Business Journal

The 11 Best Podcasts for Artists

If you’re bent on driving more innovation and strategy to your practice but your visual mind needs a break, consider adding some podcasts for artists to your daily task list instead.

The Past, Present and Future of the Art Gallery Business  |  Art Business Journal

The Past, Present and Future of the Art Gallery Business

The traditional art gallery business model is changing with online marketplaces, a global art market and an entrepreneurial generation of artists. We explore the everyday operations and challenges of running an art gallery business and contemplate its future.

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Art?  |  Art Business Journal

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Art?

As virtual reality takes hold of the film industry, artists, galleries, and cultural institutions are incorporating VR art as a component of their program or practice. We take a look at this growing trend in the art world.