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Everything you need to know to put you and your art out into the world.

art fair

Is The End of the Art Fair in Sight?

Is the art fair model dead? The advent of online art sales and the high cost of participation has the art world wondering whether more fairs equals more problems.

artist newsletter

Why You Need to Have an Artist Newsletter

Creating an artist newsletter ensures your creative content is seen by your fans. From building a subscriber list to email marketing services, our tips will get you up to speed on creating your own.

negotiation strategies

Should I Negotiate the Price of My Artwork?

What do you do when your artwork quote or freelance rates aren't automatically accepted by a potential client? Our negotiation strategies will help artists and creatives sort out a tricky financial agreement.

art collection

Shaping an Art Collection with a Purpose

We take a look at how art collectors can build a dynamic art collection with a mission and purpose to collect contemporary artists, identify social engaged themes, and support underserved or represented artists.

The 11 Best Podcasts for Artists  |  Art Business Journal

The 11 Best Podcasts for Artists

If you’re bent on driving more innovation and strategy to your practice but your visual mind needs a break, consider adding some podcasts for artists to your daily task list instead.

art representation

How to Get Art Representation From a Gallery

Getting art representation is not easy, but you can be successful. Research the gallery's aesthetic, current roster of artists and submit a stellar artist bio and portfolio.

self publishing

A Primer for Self Publishing in the Arts

Whether self-publishing materials on your artistic practice or extending your creative work to digital publications, we’ve selected expert advice to guide you in producing written materials.

photographing your work

The Essential Guide to Photographing Your Artwork

For the working artist striving to make a sale or land that open call, being able to present your work in professional images is key. We offer an exhaustive guide to photographing your artwork.

studio visit

Keys to Following Up After a Studio Visit

Artists often underestimate the importance of follow-up after an artist studio visit. Here's how to continue to engage curators, art critics, and collectors who took the time to visit.

art exhibition

When and Where to Show in an Art Exhibition

Until an artist’s studio has significant resources, it may be difficult to participate in every single art exhibition. Artrepreneur outlines the benefits and drawbacks to consider when weighing local, regional, and international shows.

DIY art exhibition

No Gallery? Mount a DIY Art Exhibition Instead

Artists are being entrepreneurial and creative showing their work on their own terms with their own resources. Here's how to mount a DIY art exhibition with mixed-use and non-traditional spaces to lay groundwork for a successful show.

search engine optimization for artists

SEO for Artists: A Primer for Drawing New Audiences

Every creative professional with an online presence should employ an SEO strategy to reach a broader audience. Here, we outline SEO for artists, and offer some tactical advice for getting your work discovered online.

The Past, Present and Future of the Art Gallery Business  |  Art Business Journal

The Past, Present and Future of the Art Gallery Business

The traditional art gallery business model is changing with online marketplaces, a global art market and an entrepreneurial generation of artists. We explore the everyday operations and challenges of running an art gallery business and contemplate its future.

art collective

The Advantages of Joining an Artist Collective

An artist collective functions as a platform for its members and can bring increased exposure for individual artists. Artrepreneur investigates the benefits of forming your own.

creative portfolio

Tips to Curate Your Creative Portfolio with Confidence

Hiring managers pay more attention to the contents of your creative portfolio than your work experience. Artrepreneur reviews proven strategies for curating a creative portfolio that lands you that coveted gig.

alternative exhibition spaces

6 Alternative Artist Representation Strategies

Artist representation from galleries is no longer a prerequisite to make sales and get exposure. We look at 6 alternative strategies for artists looking to expand their audience.

artist resume

How Should I Structure My Artist Resume?

Your artist resume is an essential tool whether you're applying to artist residency programs, exhibitions, open calls, galleries or potential collectors. Different than a traditional resume, here are some tips on what to include and how to structure an attention-grabbing artist resume.


Launching a Creative Business? Design A Logo That Hooks

Designing an impactful logo for your creative business involves a careful reflection of your brand strategy. Whether you're designing your own logo or working with a professional, these two art directors offer their best advice for designing a logo that hooks your target audience.

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Art?  |  Art Business Journal

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Art?

As virtual reality takes hold of the film industry, artists, galleries, and cultural institutions are incorporating VR art as a component of their program or practice. We take a look at this growing trend in the art world.

artist branding

How to Develop a Buzzworthy Artist Branding Strategy

Apart from talent, artists require a certain level of “buzz” in order to progress to new levels of recognition in their art careers. Creating an artist branding strategy can elevate your work to a wider audience, and generate new interest and opportunities for showing your work.

artist mentor

Artist Mentors Can Help Guide Your Creative Career

Many of the world's most recognized artists sought inspiration and guidance from their peers. Gain insight into your practice and learn about the business of art by finding an artist mentor whose career aligns with your own vision for success.

marc zegans

Strategies for Artists from a Creative Career Coach

Marc Zegans is a creative career coach who works with artists and designers to help guide their artistic and business goals. Here, he shares his approach for developing your practice as a working artist.