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Learn from emerging and established artists about how to run your art practice.


Pet Muses: Famous Animals Inspiring Creative Parents

What pet muses have inspired arts and creative icons through the years? In honor of National Pets month, we take a deep dive into the intimate relationship between artists and their furbaby muses, looking at the ways that these furry family members have inspired artistic practices, creative endeavors, and much more!


Artists Giving Sustainability A Major Boost

Contemporary artists making sustainability and environmental conservation a priority are highlighted in this survey article. In honor of Earth month, we acknowledge the efforts of artists making the world a better place through their artwork make the world a better place through their artwork and through their efforts to be good stewards of the environment.

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The Amazing Origins of Art + Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability is present in many artists' work today, centered on improving the environment and focusing on sustainable practices and avoiding climate change. Whether working in research-based practice, process-based artwork or directly with waste materials, several artists are doing their part to promote sustainability. These climate activists turned artists are embracing...