Author - Steve Schlackman

As a photographer and Patent Attorney with a background in marketing, Steve has a unique perspective on art, law and business. He is currently serving as the VP of Product Innovation at Orangenius, where he hopes that his many interactions with the various members of the Orangenius community will provide lots of important material for Artrepreneur. You can find his photogrphy at or through Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in NYC.

artist contract

What You Need to Know About Artist Contracts

Wait, stop! Don't sign that artist contract before you read this article. Familiarizing yourself with contracts is an important part of protecting you, your business, and your work.

how to price your artwork

How to Price Your Artwork with Confidence

How do you price your artwork so it's attractive to potential buyers and also allows you to make a profit? While there is no one way that works for everyone, here are some guiding principles that can help get you started.  

creative entrepreneur

From Artist and Designer to Creative Entrepreneur

Artists know how to create art, but not all know how make a living at it. Thanks to the digital age - online marketplaces, global access to an audience, social media and self-publishing, artists and designers are becoming creative entrepreneurs, charting their own course and careers.

Creative Freelancer Protect Business

Protect Your Creative Business by Incorporating

Most artists and designers don't think of starting a creative business when freelancing. In order to protect you and your personal assets, it's important to set up a structure Here are the options for incorporating.

photographing your work

The Essential Guide to Photographing Your Artwork

For the working artist striving to make a sale or land that open call, being able to present your work in professional images is key. We offer an exhaustive guide to photographing your artwork.

search engine optimization for artists

SEO for Artists: A Primer for Drawing New Audiences

Every creative professional with an online presence should employ an SEO strategy to reach a broader audience. Here, we outline SEO for artists, and offer some tactical advice for getting your work discovered online.