Author - Pamela Jean Tinnen

Pamela is a curator, writer, and art dealer who works for a lot of places and does a lot of things. In her spare time, which is on its face an oxymoron, she enjoys playing the drums and writing her forthcoming novel.

She lives in Queens with her husband and their two year old terrier, who they really thought would have gotten bigger by now.

Guillamue Cornet at Work in Studio

How An Art Dealer Decides

We sat down with Gallery Owner MK Semos for her take on making a living in the arts, developing an awesome gallery-program and why she chooses to take on an artist. MK always knew what she wanted to be. That much had been clear since she was a child. “I never considered a career in anything else. Thinking back to my younger self’s state of mind, there was no other option. In college...