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Nicole is the Managing Editor of Publications at Orangenius. A veteran arts and culture journalist, her work has appeared in Reuters, VICE, Hyperallergic, Univision, and more.

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The Future is Bright, Say Art Entrepreneurs

According to a new report by the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) the old adage of the struggling artist may officially be a myth. SNAAP’s special report, “Career Skills and Entrepreneurship Training for Artists,” surveyed over 30,000 arts alumni of all ages and creative disciplines, including architecture, visual arts, art history, arts administration and...

MacDowell Colony

Eight Artist in Residence Programs to Launch Your Career

We’ve previously reviewed how important it is to craft a bio and resume that details your art career, and today we’ll discuss one essential element that’s sure to make your career stand out: the Artist in Residence. Artist in Residence Programs Artist in Residence programs are an excellent way to both perfect your craft and launch your burgeoning career. Artist in...


You Don’t Have to be an Artist to Work with Art

Just because you don’t possess any artistic abilities – or just because you haven’t made it as an artist yet – doesn’t mean you can’t have a creative, art-filled career. There are plenty of “art adjacent” careers that offer rewarding opportunities to work within the creative community. Understanding the various opportunities available will make it easier to get yourself on the...

Selling Art
Art Sales

How to Sell Art [Without Being Annoying]

Most artists will tell you that the hardest part of their job is trying to sell their artwork to the masses. Sure, they love the creativity and the freedom being an artist provides, but how can they make a living unless they sell their work? While most artists choose to work with galleries which generally handle sales and marketing initiatives, many don’t have such relationships, or simply...

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These Five Companies Put the Art in Startup

Technology and art are intersecting in more ways than ever, and today’s art startups are revolutionizing the way art is consumed and collected. Entrepreneurs have been intersecting art and technology since the start of the .com boom. Portfolio sites, like Deviant Art, Flickr, and SmugMug started the trend, using the internet in ways that we hadn’t been seen before. Then came online photo...