Author - Nicole Martinez

Nicole is a veteran arts and culture journalist. Her work has appeared in Reuters, VICE, Hyperallergic, Univision, and more.

photography business

6 Ways Your Photography Business Can Make Money

If you're a photography or thinking about starting a photography business, here are five areas to specialize in: Commercial, Stock, How Does a Photography Business Make Money, Fashion, and Editorial.

estate tax

How An Estate Tax Repeal Might Affect the Art World

A GOP repeal of the estate tax could produce a chilling effect on art museum donations while creating a bump in the art market. Here's why private art collectors may be less inclined to donate art.

artist residency

8 Artist in Residence Programs to Jumpstart Your Career

Artist in residence programs are an excellent way to work on your craft, meet a community of artists and launch your career. Focus on your creative discovery at these eight selected programs from across the country.

art startup

5 Companies Putting the Art in Startup

Today's creative entrepreneurs are revolutionizing the way art is viewed and consumed around the world. We look at what makes 5 of them noteworthy and how they're putting the art in startup.