Author - Kevin Vaughn

Kevin Vaughn is a writer and photographer focused on food and culture in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His work has appeared Munchies, New Worlder, Remezcla and Savoteur.

art catalog

Artists and Creatives: Document Your Work and Career

If you're an artist or creative and don't document your work and career, learn why it's important and tips on how to get started. If you do, congratulations! Here are some best practices and reminders.

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Should I Negotiate the Price of My Artwork?

What do you do when your artwork quote or freelance rates aren't automatically accepted by a potential client? Our negotiation strategies will help artists and creatives sort out a tricky financial agreement.

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How to Handle Rejection as an Artist

Experiencing rejection as an artist is a part of the job. Here, we talk to five artists and creatives on how they power through rejection and self-doubt.

The Past, Present and Future of the Art Gallery Business  |  Art Business Journal

The Past, Present and Future of the Art Gallery Business

The traditional art gallery business model is changing with online marketplaces, a global art market and an entrepreneurial generation of artists. We explore the everyday operations and challenges of running an art gallery business and contemplate its future.

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Tips to Curate Your Creative Portfolio with Confidence

Hiring managers pay more attention to the contents of your creative portfolio than your work experience. Artrepreneur reviews proven strategies for curating a creative portfolio that lands you that coveted gig.


Launching a Creative Business? Design A Logo That Hooks

Designing an impactful logo for your creative business involves a careful reflection of your brand strategy. Whether you're designing your own logo or working with a professional, these two art directors offer their best advice for designing a logo that hooks your target audience.

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How to Get Work as a Travel Photographer

Travel photographers get the best of both worlds - taking beautiful pictures and seeing the world. We talked Andy Donohoe and Michaela Trimble who share their advice for getting into the field and taking your travel photography to new frontiers.