Author - Katarina Wong

Katarina received her BA from St. John's College (having attended both Santa Fe, NM and Annapolis, MD campuses) and holds an MFA from the University of Maryland at College Park and a Master of Theological Studies degree in Buddhism from the Harvard Divinity School. An avid traveler, she co-wrote two Let's Go! Guidebooks (India/Nepal and Washington, DC.

How to Host a Successful Artist Studio Visit

Do you have an upcoming artist studio visit? Learn the do’s and don’ts to prepare for success, whether you're expecting a gallerist, curator, art dealer, critic, or other professional.

Next Steps After Graduation for Artists and Creatives

Graduation is upon us - what next? Post-grad tips on setting yourself up for professional success, including suggestions on building out your networks and career ecosystem, finding advocates and mentors, and placing yourself firmly within the fine art landscape to apply for and receive job opportunities that will advance your career as an artist and creative professional.