Author - Jenifer Simon

Jenifer Simon's mantra is 'Art Always in All Ways." She is Artrepreneur's Director of Business and Content Development and editor of Art Business Journal. She's dedicated her career to helping artists sustain their creative careers and holds an M.A. in Arts Administration from Columbia University and B.S. in Studio Art and Art History from Skidmore College.

artist open call

Finding Open Calls Worth Your Time and Submission Tips

How do you spot credible and worthwhile open calls when there are so many to choose from? When you find one, how can you stand out? By being organized, submitting professionally and showing how your work is a good fit, you may be the next winner.


Teaching Artists and Designers to be Creative Entrepreneurs

Today’s artists are self-employed, launching their own brands and businesses and becomingcr creative entrepreneurs. Schools offering art and design degrees need to include entrepreneurship courses as part of their curriculum to prepare students to be successful.

business plans for creatives

Business Plans for Creatives

While business plans have the same components no matter what field or industry you're in, it can be difficult for creatives to understand and there are few examples of business plans for creatives online. This article walks you through the components of a business plan and the importance of having one.

artist bio

Your Guide to a Compelling Artist Bio

For many visual artists, it's hard to express who they are and what they create into words. Learn how to craft an artist bio with these useful tips.