Author - Audra Lambert

Audra Lambert is a curator, arts marketing consultant, and editor.

artist website

Must-Do’s for Creating Your Artist Website

Many artist websites fail to capture their audience. Follow these simple tips for creating visually stunning sites that include all the necessary information that will engage others.

shipping art

You Made it, Now Send it: Shipping and Insuring Art

Yes! You sold your artwork. Now it's time to get it to the buyer or gallery in one piece. Take the time to learn the best practices for shipping and insuring art so it arrives safe and sound.

art career transition

Tips to Transition to an Art Career

Now matter what your age or career stage, you can transition to an art career. Learn about what works and what doesn’t when making a career transition and growing your artistic practice the second or third-time around.

artist studio

The Practical Guide to Finding a Subsidized Artist Studio

Affordable artist studios can be hard to find, but they are out there. From partnering with nonprofits to sharing studio spaces and dedicated artist studio buildings, we'll cover how to find an affordable studio space.

art promotion

Put Yourself in the Spotlight: Art Promotion Hacks

If you're like most DIY creatives, you don't have a PR team to help promote your work. That doesn't mean you can't get the attention you deserve by making your work relevant with these hacks.

art fair

Is The End of the Art Fair in Sight?

Is the art fair model dead? The advent of online art sales and the high cost of participation has the art world wondering whether more fairs equals more problems.

art collection

Shaping an Art Collection with a Purpose

We take a look at how art collectors can build a dynamic art collection with a mission and purpose to collect contemporary artists, identify social engaged themes, and support underserved or represented artists.

The Pros and Cons of Sharing an Art Studio  |  Art Business Journal

The Pros and Cons of Sharing an Art Studio

It can be challenging to find an affordable art studio. Having a studio-mate and sharing space is a great way to build an artist network and cultivate new opportunities.

studio assistant

Is it Worth It? Tips for Hiring a Studio Assistant

In a new monthly column for Artrepreneur, art curator and critic Audra Lambert answers the most frequent questions she receives from independent artists. This month, she answers questions about studio assistants.

art representation

How to Get Art Representation From a Gallery

Getting art representation is not easy, but you can be successful. Research the gallery's aesthetic, current roster of artists and submit a stellar artist bio and portfolio.

self publishing

A Primer for Self Publishing in the Arts

Whether self-publishing materials on your artistic practice or extending your creative work to digital publications, we’ve selected expert advice to guide you in producing written materials.

studio visit

Keys to Following Up After a Studio Visit

Artists often underestimate the importance of follow-up after an artist studio visit. Here's how to continue to engage curators, art critics, and collectors who took the time to visit.

MFA degree

Why You Don’t Need an MFA to Make It as An Artist

While obtaining an MFA is the pathway some artists take to further pursue their career, it’s not always a crucial part of developing a distinct and successful artistic practice. And it can save you a lot of money.

art exhibition

When and Where to Show in an Art Exhibition

Until an artist’s studio has significant resources, it may be difficult to participate in every single art exhibition. Artrepreneur outlines the benefits and drawbacks to consider when weighing local, regional, and international shows.

time management

Wait a Minute! Time Management for Artists

Practicing good time management for artists can challenging, but is a must-do for juggling all your professional and personal activities, so you can focus on making art.

DIY art exhibition

No Gallery? Mount a DIY Art Exhibition Instead

Artists are being entrepreneurial and creative showing their work on their own terms with their own resources. Here's how to mount a DIY art exhibition with mixed-use and non-traditional spaces to lay groundwork for a successful show.

media influence

Tips to be a Creative or Artist Media Influencer

Desperate to see your work appear in leading art journals and magazines, but can't afford to hire a public relations firm? We review how the working artist can gain media influence through targeted outreach efforts.

art inventory

The Artist’s Guide to Art Inventory Management

Art inventory management is not just for the gallery business. Along with recommendations on the best available art inventory software tools, Artrepreneur reviews the basics of developing a successful inventory management system.

art collective

The Advantages of Joining an Artist Collective

An artist collective functions as a platform for its members and can bring increased exposure for individual artists. Artrepreneur investigates the benefits of forming your own.

alternative exhibition spaces

6 Alternative Artist Representation Strategies

Artist representation from galleries is no longer a prerequisite to make sales and get exposure. We look at 6 alternative strategies for artists looking to expand their audience.

artist branding

How to Develop a Buzzworthy Artist Branding Strategy

Apart from talent, artists require a certain level of “buzz” in order to progress to new levels of recognition in their art careers. Creating an artist branding strategy can elevate your work to a wider audience, and generate new interest and opportunities for showing your work.