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Artrepreneur in PBS Documentary Featuring Art Marketing Success Stories

Artists seeking ways to utilize online tools for all their art marketing needs have to look no further than the new two-part PBS Documentary featuring Artrepreneur by Burt Wolf Productions. Titled “Great Art Undiscovered” and “How to Sell the Art You Create”, this entertaining and engaging documentary travels through time to chart how artists throughout history have created and built a market for their artworks. Producer and photographer Burt Wolf charts the course of art history through the lens of art marketing. Specifically, he journeys from the Renaissance into the current era, learning ways by which artists can capture their art marketing potential by applying online tools to their current art sales strategies. In the programs, Artrepreneur proves to be a formidable tool for artists to connect wider audiences to their artwork. Through a smart, adaptable platform, Artrepreneur works on behalf of artists through a wide offering of professional development and sales tools. Burt Wolf takes viewers on a journey through the triumphs and challenges artists face, and the relief that online platforms such as Artrepreneur provide for artists seeking to take their careers to the next level.

Art Marketing via Online Tools

art marketing
Fine Art Photographer Antoine Rose is Featured in PBS Documentary

Artrepreneur CEO/Founder Grace Cho reflects on the role that Artrepreneur plays in supporting artists as they develop their professional careers. “With our tools, resources, and insights, artists can be confident in showcasing themselves and their work in a secure and comprehensive way.  We put the control in the artists’ hands in terms of defining their goals, and provide the necessary resources for selling work, consultation of experts, jobs, unique opportunities, market intelligence, and connections.”

Artists already knowledgeable about Artrepreneur’s many benefits shared their insights into how the platform boosts their practice. “One of the biggest challenges I have as a freelance photographer is…marketing. Technology has been extremely helpful to me as I can run my business from my laptop anywhere in the world,” observes internationally renowned artist Vincent Roazzi Jr., who is well aware of the challenges of balancing a lifestyle of international travel to different photo shoots along with working in the studio.

Cho expanded that the importance of online platforms such as Artrepreneur in providing new avenues in sales and art marketing isn’t only evident to artists: professionals throughout the art world also understand the need for a vibrant arts ecosystem. “The program includes footage from New York City, Florida, Los Angeles, and many European cities. What we learned (through these travels) was that this topic is relevant and top of mind with creatives globally and creative leaders across all sectors such as business, education, and nonprofits,” reflected Cho. “Professional thought leaders across art, design and environmental conservation all agree that providing online resources to artists results in a stronger and more vibrant creative community.” From thought leaders Larry Thompson, President of the Ringling College of Art+Design, to Terry Tammimen, CEO at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, the resounding call is unanimous: artists must enhance their practice through incorporating online sales tools into their art marketing approach. A seasoned professional, Thompson understands that his students, along with those studying at the many other art and design colleges across the United States, require a central online hub where they can feature their art portfolios, gain new viewers and collectors and access professional development resources. Founding Artrepreneur Partner Denis Nayden also sheds light on the benefits of building stronger connections with the artists whose work he admires and collects through the Artrepreneur platform. “Instead of just buying a commodity, this is much more intimate,” remarks Nayden of the excitement of collecting artwork from Artrepreneur artists, and building unique relationships with the artists he collects. This type of personal relationship with artists is fostered through art platforms such as Artrepreneur. 

Artists to the Front

art marketing
PBS Launch Event of Documentary Featuring Artrepreneur in New York City

Artrepreneur creates an even wider avenue for art marketing by partnering with Creative Circle, the world’s leading creative staffing agency. Featuring career opportunities on the Artrepreneur website for creative professionals in partnership with Creative Circle, along with helming the Creative Career Center which provides resources to creative professionals seeking their next professional career move, Artrepreneur provides a one-stop destination for multi-tasking. Chief Marketing Officer at Creative Circle, Adam Bleibtreu, has seen it all in the creative industry. His experience and in-depth knowledge creatives’ needs offer him the ability to gauge the importance that websites such as Artrepreneur play in assisting professionals as they take the next leap in their career, stay on top of industry trends and remain connected to others in the field.

The information featured in parts one and two of this PBS Documentary, “Great Art Undiscovered” and “How to Sell the Art You Create”, provide unparalleled knowledge of the current arts and creative landscape. At the April 23, 2019 launch event for the documentary, the New York Academy of Art in Lower Manhattan graciously hosted the Artrepreneur and Burt Wolf Productions launch event for this special feature. In the spirit of strategic art marketing, an exhibition of artwork was held in conjunction with a preview of the documentary. Featuring artworks by Burt Wolf, Vincent Roazzi, Jr., Antoine Rose, Steve Schlackman, Fay Wood and more, the launch event became an exclusive contemporary art exhibition. This show also served as a remarkable survey of the talent currently part of the online Artrepreneur community. The evening’s programs got underway after an introduction by Grace Cho, Artrepreneur Founder/CEO. Gregory Thornbury of NYAA and program host, Burt Wolf, engaged in conversation to reflect on the topics covered in the documentary during a live session at the launch event. After viewing the documentary, and listening to its host in conversation, guests were invited along to join the platform and imagine how their careers as professional artists can be improved.

Artrepreneur CEO/Founder Grace Cho outlines the enormous amount of talent that comprises the Artrepreneur platform and shares how the PBS documentary came to be and how the artists on view at the launch event were ultimately selected. “All of the artists on the program had to be Artrepreneur members. We launched an open call titled “Be On Tv” where we asked the artists to tell us how Artrepreneur helped their careers.” Cho also reflected on the diverse talents present on the Artrepreneur site. “There were many wonderful submissions, so picking the winners was not easy. Because of the breadth and depth of our offerings, Artrepreneur attracts a wide diversity of artists who join our community and discover there are many reasons to stay engaged.”

In partnership with Burt Wolf productions, artists curious about what online art marketing and sales tools like Artrepreneur can do to build their business have a free masterclass in this free, two-part documentary available to view on the Artrepreneur site. “Great Art Undiscovered” and “How to Sell the Art You Create” both offer the first in-depth look at what artists are missing in their current art marketing approach by providing tools for artists to succeed in an increasingly connected world. More than just an art marketing and sales tool, Artrepreneur proves to be a not-to-be-missed tool for the discerning artist to embrace as a one-stop resource for all their needs, from professional development to sales tools and everything in between. The ease of use and multi-faceted benefits that Artrepreneur has to offer to the arts community are evident in this entertaining, informative and exclusive look into the complexity of today’s ever-expanding fine art market.

How has utilizing online art marketing tools improved the response to your artistic practice? Share the lessons you’ve learned through trial and error with fellow readers here in the comments!

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