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art career transition

Tips to Transition to an Art Career

Now matter what your age or career stage, you can transition to an art career. Learn about what works and what doesn’t when making a career transition and growing your artistic practice the second or third-time around.

How to Host a Successful Artist Studio Visit  |  Art Business Journal

How to Host a Successful Artist Studio Visit

Do you have an upcoming artist studio visit? Learn the do’s and don’ts to prepare for success, whether you're expecting a gallerist, curator, art dealer, critic, or other professional.

artist studio

How to Find an Affordable Artist Studio

Affordable artist studios can be hard to find, but they are out there. From partnering with nonprofits to sharing studio spaces and dedicated artist studio buildings, we'll cover how to find an affordable studio space.


Creating Your Artist Resumé After Graduation

After graduation, creating an artist resume that sells your strengths and positions you for the best opportunities is a top priority. From layout to what to highlight, here's our tips to make sure set yourself up for success.

art handler

5 First Jobs in the Arts

A look at a range of great prospects for artists graduating and looking for a first job - art handling, studio assisting, and more! First job answers for the art students seeking them.

artist communities

How to Network in Artist Communities

Artist communities help you build support, collaboration and connections. These tips for mindful, purpose-driven networking will help you reach your highest potential and give back to the greater good.

Creative Freelance Gigs

How to Land Creative Freelance Gigs

From cementing your personal branding to building a digital portfolio highlighting your best work, here's how you land the top creative freelance gigs.

artist residency

The Benefits of an Artist Residency

What role do artist residencies play in building and sustaining artist communities? How do artists rely on residencies to build out their existing networks, find support for projects and continue to build on their existing career skills for enhanced professional development.